Sunday, 9 January 2011

Xbox Live Deals (January 2011)

From January 11-18 you can enjoy special savings up to 50 percent on Activision content. From Xbox Live Arcade titles, DLC for Guitar Hero, Call of Duty map packs, and more. On January 11th check your Xbox Live dashboard for more information.

Also, on January 18-25 you can get 50% off of various of Electronic Arts content, from XBLA games to much more.  In addition to this Xbox Live will be free for 2 days starting at 5PM on January 28th. through January.  If you only have a silver account you should definately check out the free 48 hour trial to see what your missing.

Finally, if you upgrade to an Xbox Live Gold Family Pack in the month of January you will recieve an additional month of Gold Family Pack (13 months in total), “Snoopy Flying Ace” and / or a Zune movie rental for free.

Friday, 31 December 2010

Black Ops vs Halo Reach

Black Ops
-it has a ok campaign, but starts off boring at the beginning and becomes more interesting towards the middle and end.
-it has an OK online multiplayer.
-it also has more variety of guns than reach.
-zombies is more fun that infection (basicly Halo's equivalant to COD's zombies).
-it also has more challenging things to do like challenges and contracts.

Halo Reach
- the campaign is good if you now a lot about halo, but if you never played a halo game beside reach you'll have to listen carefully to be able to grasp whats going on.
-the online is good and addictive (especially when you play with a party) as they added new things like assassination and armor abilities.
-fire fight is a lot of fun, because now you can get XP which goes towards your online rank.
-reach also has a wide variety of game types.

In my opinion, Reach wins it as it is less frustrating than Black Ops and the hit detection is better.  Even though i prefer Reach i still like Black Ops and think it's a decent game.

Friday, 24 December 2010

Youtube Channel

My friend started up a youtube channel a couple of months ago and he puts up good content but, in my opinion, doesn't get enough recognition for it. Check it out. Please.